• Networking and generating sales leads
  • Contract negotiations for pricing and quality
  • Regulatory requirements¬†
  • Forecasting political and economic climates
  • Connections with government and private sector
  • Project cost projections and risk analysis
  • Recommendations for trade shows and industry events

Doing trade with China goes both ways, and if you are considering selling your product or services in Asia, we can help make it successful.



There is interest in Asian countries for outsourced products if you know where to look. Commerce organizations, trade-shows, government opportunities; these are all avenues TAK is familiar with. We have become excellent at helping generate leads and set up our partners for success abroad.


Closing Deals

We open doors and get signatures. TAK has an incredible track record for prospecting and advancing the sales process, including negotiations and closing deals. Our partners rely on us to find them the best pricing and establish long-term, sustainable business opportunities in China.



Compliance might not be the first thought when you consider selling in China, but it is a critical element. It can be expensive and time-consuming if you overlook legal approvals. Our expertise in Chinese commercial and industrial law means no steps get skipped, and we turnaround legal procedures quickly.


Customs and Language

There is an advantage to speaking the language and knowing the people. With an office in China, we have people who understand the proper way to conduct business. There are customs and processes that we follow that build better relationships. There is a soft-side to sales, and we are experts in conducting business in China.