Frequently Asked Questions

We have been operating in China since 1986, long before the economic miracle took place and at a time when China was just starting to open up to the rest of the world. With more than three decades of experience working in China, we have seen changes in leadership, enforcement of policies and its impacts on the economy.


We have also witnessed first hand monumental and defining moments from the “Open Door Policy”. In this time Hong Kong returned to the mainland, China entered the WTO and there was the Beijing Olympics. We also worked through the global financial crisis all the way to the current day PRC having achieved the impossible by becoming the world’s 2nd largest economy. 


In more than three decades, TAK’s founders have been actively involved in the day to day work dealing with Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, government entities and companies of various sizes. We have built extensive and long term relationships with customers, suppliers, local governments and SOEs alike. Our experience has spanned various industries and jurisdictions throughout China.

CNPC and China Banknote for instance, having first established a working relationship with TAK in the early 90s, remain our customers to this day.

A: We are a Canadian headquartered company based out of Edmonton, with regional offices and industrial plants in Tianjin China and Taoyuan Taiwan. We work closely with our clients here in North America, by first understanding their project needs and deliverables, whether it be sales or sourcing in China. With this information we design a client specific China strategy followed by measured execution and progressive implementation of customized programs. As each customer is unique, we work to understand exactly what their needs and expectations are, before collectively deciding on a proven formula most suitable for that particular customer. It is worth noting that TAK operates transparently with our clients. As once a partnership is formulated, we take on the role of the regional extension (or China Office) of our North American clients, keeping all information/communication open and afloat while ensuring that the best interests of our customers are being looked after.

This is the million-dollar question and there is no simple answer. Unlike some other parts of the world, in China both business and government go hand in hand, one does not function to its full potential without the presence or involvement of the other.


China has a vibrant and dynamic economy where its central government sets clear and measurable targets over a predetermined period of time, and it is critical for those who want to enter the Chinese market to fully understand what the government’s directives are.


This includes the policies and regulations that are associated with these government mandates, and where your company and organization may fit in not just playing a small part, but also in the grand scheme of things.


While China has been painted many different pictures by various media outlets, it is important for you to visit the country, to see and experience China first hand to truly get an understanding and appreciation of what the Chinese market may offer.


The people that you may end up working with, and start building local relationships that are more important to foster and cultivate than any other element in the Chinese puzzle. 

We are a full-fledged sales and marketing and sourcing/procurement group. With close to 50 full-time staff in Canada and China, we are the face of the customers that we represent, with dedicated staff and functional teams serving each and every one of our customers in a timely and effective manner.


Unlike traditional trading companies who typically specialize in facilitating the exchange, storage, delivery of commodities in one goods category, TAK is a multifaceted organization that has a proven track record in dealing with B2B, B2C, and C2C businesses on a day to day basis. Aside from the very basic task of “buying and selling”, we play a much bigger role in managing client/supplier relationships.


This often involves helping our clients navigate through political channels, bridging cultural gaps and language barriers, and deliver satisfactory and consistent results long term.


With competent and experienced staff on either side of the ocean, our customers depend on us as we are being seamlessly integrated into their supply chain, and are considered part of their China team. 

We are a Canadian company that has a local presence in China, a deep understanding of both Chinese and North American culture, and an experienced and highly educated staff (Masters and Ph.D. level engineers make up the majority of our technical team).


We have the means, the manpower, and the infrastructure to help our clients achieve risk mitigation, regulatory and technical compliance, and provide timely ground support in all aspects of our business, whether it’s on the sales and marketing or sourcing side. 

We work with clients from a wide range of industries including but not limited to:

  • oil and gas
  • petrochemical and refining
  • energy and resource
  • clean tech (environmental technologies)
  • construction and building development
  • agriculture
  • medical devices
  • industrial equipment and tooling
  • engineering and design etc.

We have had great success in each of the industries mentioned above and would love to learn about your business and share with you our China stories and project successes.

It starts with a conversation. There is no ‘one size fits all solution’ and so we work collaboratively with all our clients in order to find the best solution for them. This exploratory phase is an important step for all parties in order to provide a realistic assessment of the opportunity as well to feel comfortable working with one another.


There are absolutely no obligations until everyone is satisfied. Once a clear strategy is developed, we begin the exciting step of growing your business together.

At TAK, our goal is to act as an extension of you and we strive to be your “China Office”. Our knowledge and skills relate to the China puzzle and your time should be spent on your core business. The partnership works best when we work with this in mind. 


Once we are armed with the appropriate business information from our initial meetings, we strive to keep our touchpoints only as needed, working hard behind the scenes on your behalf and keeping you updated at strategic touchpoints pre-determined and agreed upon together. While a strong supportive relationship is required, we aim to make this partnership as easy on you as possible.