Moving materials is many phase process. Assembly of raw materials, coordination of labour, post-production transportation and overseas shipping are all distinct steps with costs. Our goal is to simplify the supply chain and generate efficiencies to reduce these costs.


Through diligent research and negotiation, we will identify and secure logistics contracts at the best rates. Whether it involves a single product, bulk transport, full container or LCL shipments, we have a network of reliable shipping companies to meet your requirements.


Our familiarity with Chinese culture also means we know when holidays [i.e. Chinese Spring Festival, etc.], whether or busy seasons [i.e. North American Xmas Season product demands increase significantly] can impact your project. When arranging inland or port delivery, we will help plan the most efficient dates for transport.


Areas we support you:

  • Identify cost-effective shipping partners
  • Coordinate schedules and ensure delivery timelines
  • Navigate international transportation regulations
  • Plan around busy periods in shipping schedules
  • Monitor potential port closures/negotiations/labor issues/etc.