Flexpipe System

Manufacturing, Sourcing

Flexpipe Systems developed a revolutionary, composite, spoolable pipe, built to replace traditional steel pipe. We approached them in 2006, aiming to market Flexpipe in China as part of our technology initiative.

In 2006, Flexpipe Systems was manufacturing their composite, spoolable pipe internally and outsourcing the manufacturing of the fittings to local vendors. The high costs of manufacturing those fittings shifted our initial discussions to the advantages of manufacturing in China.

After the extensive collaboration, and after carefully preparing proofs of concept and prototypes, we began manufacturing the highly-engineered fittings in China. This dramatically lowered their manufacturing costs, helping Flexpipe develop a significant market share over an extremely short period of time.

We continually worked on their behalf to lower costs, maintain quality controls, and simplify their supply chain. A prime example is our partnership with IPC — the provider of an electroless nickel coating for the fittings. Together with IPC, we entered into a joint partnership to build a factory in China, further streamlining the manufacturing process, and leading to large efficiency gains.

We have remained engaged in the manufacturing process, with our team in China providing quality control and logistical support. When Flexpipe approached us about a new product — Flexcord Linepipe — we expanded our efforts to sourcing the steel cord necessary for manufacturing.

Flexpipe’s success was noticed throughout the industry. In 2008 ShawCor purchased Flexpipe Systems, providing ShawCor with a new and successful product line to serve a growing segment in the pipeline industry.


Flexpipe Systems has had a successful business relationship with TAK International since 2006. In that time TAK International has consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity and reliability. Their professionalism and dedication to standing behind their product is refreshing.

J. Scott Caldwell, Vice President, Global Operations at Flexpipe Systems