China Banknote

Sales & Marketing

The Westaim Corporation possessed an Aureate Bonded Steel (ABS) plating technology for coinage. China Banknote Nanjing Mint expressed an interest in purchasing the technology for manufacturing. We were brought on board to facilitate the exchange.

Over the course of three years, starting in 1996, we represented Westaim’s interests in the negotiations. Competing against a South African company offering a similar technology at a lower rate, we ultimately prevailed, resulting in what the China Banknote Corporation considered their most successful technology transfer and equipment supply project at that time.

With the support and guidance of our full-time staff operating in China and Edmonton, Westaim successfully completed the contract, and the plant was commissioned and put into production in 2002.

Our thorough understanding of Chinese business practices and commitment to transparency played an integral part in the success of this Westaim project from inception to completion.