There are companies that facilitate production with China, and companies that will manufacture your product, but TAK uniquely offers expertise in product development and design. We have long believed that to offer complete confidence in outsourcing a project, we need to employ our own team of professionals and couple that with your complete and open involvement.

There is a long chain from product conception to final delivery. Having engineers in house enables us to best support every stage of a project and ensure standards are met.


Getting the Project Started

A project starts from design, then it gets refined into a final product. Whether you are still at the planning phase or have a concept you need to refine, our in house team of master engineers can help.


Seeing the Project Through to Completion

Once the final product is ready, that standard has to be upheld. By having a team of engineers in China, we manage the quality standards of your project throughout production. That means no surprises when the shipment arrives.


Making Improvements

We see ourselves as more than just facilitators of production. We invest ourselves in your business, and that means offering insights into product improvement. Many of our partners have been through many iterations of a project, and together we have optimized for higher quality and lower cost.