Who is TAK?

About Tak International

TAK is the leading liaison with Chinese fabrication and production. We work closely with producers and suppliers in a variety of heavy and light industry to facilitate outsourced production to China.

There are massive benefits to having relationships with Chinese companies. When demand is high, there is quick scalability. If the market slows, there becomes cost effective outsourcing. That is why we continue to build new partnerships between North American and China as more companies recognize how this versatility drives profitability.


We play a unique role of bridging your needs with production in China. Our model is to form partnerships, and we live by the statement that your success if our success.


Our strength comes on four key fronts:

  • Over thirty years of successful experience in China
  • Expertise in fabrication and quality assurance
  • Knowledge of the North American market’s demands
  • Strong relationships with Chinese producers


Above all, we believe our business is an extension of yours. Many of our partners have been with us for decades because we add value. We have become their Chinese office and their trusted voice to the Chinese market.

Working with the Chinese Market

We understand better than anyone the type of concerns that come with outsourcing:

  • Will the quality be there? 
  • Will you meet deadlines?
  • Who do I call if a problem arises?


TAK has built a network of reliable partners that meet all quality standards. By having a selection of organizations to work with in China, we can find the right equipment with the group that has the capacity to meet your project goals. Once we understand your expectations, we manage them abroad on your behalf.


We also know how to set achievable deadlines and meet them. The work we facilitate is critical to projects. Delays caused by production or missing specifications are costly. Our reputation is built on being reliable and always available when you need us.

No overpromising, no language barriers; just proven results.

What sets us apart is being the best at the core:


  • Having feet on the ground and a point person always reachable
  • Offices in North America and significant offices in China
  • Honest dialogues about what makes sense to your business



  • In house trained experts that will learn and understand your product inside and out
  • Our own machining shop along with a network of reliable partners
  • A one-stop organization for outsourced production

Working with TAK International

Working with outsourced production is all about trust. 


You want confidence in the result, and that is why we focus on integrating with your business. We work closely with your team to understand the goals of your project and your company. Timelines, material, specifications, usage; we take everything into account and build a plan in conjunction with you. 


As the project proceeds, we want TAK to feel like another department in your company by looking after your principles, values and objectives then provide strategic insights. If there’s a better way to do things, we will help you find it. If we feel the project will not be profitable, we will tell you up front.


The TAK model is based on improving the bottom line of our partners.