• An extensive list of proven producers
  • North American and Chinese offices that are always available
  • True turnkey services from planning through to delivery
  • Contract and negotiation services
  • Forecasting of supply and labour costs

Overseas procurement is a challenging endeavour. We have over 30 years of delivering certainty on supply chain, timelines and pricing. 


Finding the Right Partners

Expertise truly shines when it comes to procurement. Our team will deep dive into your unique needs and take your project to market. We will create and tender expressions of interest, RFQs, RFPS and invitations to bid on your work. Once we’ve narrowed a list of potential vendors, we negotiate terms and manage the elements from start to finish.


Cost Management

Maximizing profitability through operational excellence is one of our biggest strengths. Our team is dedicated to finding the best rates on materials and labour while ensuring quality is maintained. We analyze each step in the planning, production and shipping process to find the best prices, and drive project costs down.


Supply Chain Planning

Consistency of service and predictability of supply are required for successful operations. Our expert team of project managers will forecast materials and assess risks in the logistical chain. We will also plan for contingency suppliers in the event of an incident. 


There are many factors that can affect the supply chain. Technology shifts, labour costs, material availability; these are all elements that we account for with our procurement services.


Your Agent Overseas

The best way to keep on top of a dynamic challenge like procurement is to have people present. We have a diverse team of experts operating in China who specialize in project management and procurement to supervise operations. Our team also involves engineers and quality control experts to ensure the best product is delivered.


Our partners have come to trust us with their overseas operations, and to many, we have become an extension of their business.