While working with Flexpipe Systems, on the manufacturing of their pipeline fittings, part of the process involved shipping the product to a third party — Integrated Protective Coatings — for a proprietary, electroless nickel coating. This was a vital step in the process, but as it was taking place in Canada, it was also time consuming and expensive. Our team recognized this problem for what it truly was: an opportunity.

In 2008, we partnered with IPC to form CCPC, a foreign-owned enterprise in China. Each party provided half of the necessary funding to build and operate a new factory in China. This reduces costs and complexity for all parties and allowed IPC to deliver a 100% ready-to-use product directly to Flexpipe’s door.

Thanks to an emphasis on reliability and quality, the subsequent years have experienced increased growth. We continue to ensure all products arrive to Flexpipe on time, with uncompromised quality at a competitive price.


It can be daunting to traverse the many levels of government necessary to successfully operate in China. TAK’s experienced staff were invaluable in helping us create a very successful operation. Working with TAK enabled us to be a leader in demonstrating how a world-class joint venture operates.

Integrated Protective Coatings