TAK International


The strength of TAK is our team. There’s over a century of combined expertise in international trade and outsourced production. With offices in North America and China, we represent both perspectives. What we can offer is an unparalleled knowledge on achieving business success in Asia and what it takes to create strong, profitable operations.

Our company is also remarkably diverse. We have invested in our own technical experts to support all areas of production. From conceptual design to quality assurance, we can guide a project or supervise it to the finest detail. This depth of talent has made us a trusted partner in overseas production for many of our customers. 

Brian Trendel

CEO & Founder

Wang Ke

VP & Partner

Brenda Trendel


Craig Trendel


Harrison Wang

Business Development Manager

Frances Jones


Kerri Trendel-Cameron

Human Recources Manager

Jessie Yin

General Manager

Keven Wang

General Manager

Kevin Chen

General Manager of CCPC

Louis Zhao

Lumber Sales Manger

Lizheng (Larry) Lu

Pulp Division Manager

Lisa Li

Procurement Division Director

Mark He

Sourcing Specialist

Gloria Li

Logistic Manager

Frank Meng

Sales Manager