Keymay Industries


Keymay introduced the patented 3-piece hinged concrete weight in 1995 and has since expanded to market several different methods of buoyancy control, hand-wrap tapes and adhesives, and a full line of rock shield.

Our relationship with Keymay began in 2006. At the time, Keymay was both a manufacturer and distributor of pipeline buoyancy-control bags. They were looking to lower their manufacturing costs by outsourcing to China.

We worked closely with Keymay, learning about their manufacturing processes and requirements. With that knowledge in hand, we embarked on a search for the ideal Chinese manufacturer. After identifying several potential partners, we helped Keymay narrow the field, and ultimately — after collaborating and undergoing design revisions for nearly a year — begin manufacturing in China.

Our team in China worked in concert with Keymay, monitoring the manufacturing process and providing quality control and assurance. Our engineering team was tasked with revising and improving the EcoBag. The newer version quickly gained traction in the marketplace, bringing aggressive sales growth, with increased production needs, and tighter quality control requirements.

Our service offerings have since expanded to include other complementary product lines, including “Red One” — a market-changing rock shield now used on pipelines across the globe.

This strong partnership between TAK and Keymay continues to bring robust sales growth around the world, including Brazil, Australia, Europe, and Africa.