Gentherm Global Power Technologies

Sales & Marketing

Gentherm Global Power Technologies is a Calgary based supplier of remote power generation.

TAK has been exclusively representing them since 1994, helping secure large international contracts. In 1996, our partnership yielded a contract for 48 units of TEG Model 8550 for Shaan-Jing Natural Gas pipeline being built in China. This was China’s first large-diameter natural gas pipeline.

Our role is to translate a company’s unique service offering into other countries marketplace. Gentherm leveraged our knowledge of China to secure a significant business opportunity.

By 2003, their global market share for natural gas pipeline remote power reached over 90%. With more than 500 TEG units sold in China, Global Thermoelectric Inc has become a trusted supplier and servicer of remote power units.

We continue to work as a partnership in securing international contracts and building on our long term success.