Energy Saving Products

Sales & Marketing

Energy Saving Products Ltd. (ESP) is an Edmonton, Alberta based manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and air purification products (HVAC/AP). Having been in business for over 35 years, ESP has become a leader in small duct, energy-efficient, high-velocity air delivery technology, with over 250,000+ installations worldwide

Their main focus has been the North America market, competing against traditional AC and HVAC systems with larger diameter ducts and low-velocity air delivery. We approached ESP in late 2015, with the original intent of bringing its unique products to the Chinese market. There was a natural fit with their product and China’s demand for high-quality eco-living solutions for middle and upper-class residents as well as commercial businesses.

As part of our partnership, we helped educate ESP on local building codes and specs. We successfully adapted their unique product offering to the requirements of the Chinese marketplace.

Our work also included performing market research and identifying opportunities. We saw areas of China that lacked qualified teams and devised a proper marketing strategy to create demand for ESP’s services. Using a ground team in China, we built a distribution network using heavy promotional activities. We even created showrooms to display the extraordinary products ESP offered.

By the summer of 2019, we created a nationwide distribution network with 30 regional distributors. These partnerships are set up as brand representatives with non-compete, product exclusive arrangements. ESP is routinely shipping containers of products as the customer base has expanded to high profile clients in property development, luxury homes and high end living communities.

We are proud to have created a brand that is synonymous with eco-environment luxury living.


“The level of market expertise and advisement that TAK provides has been one of the pivotal factors in our success to date in the Chinese marketplace. TAK’s guidance has allowed us to evolve everything from our product’s technology to our marketing strategies to more appropriately suit the local Chinese market. We feel fortunate to have TAK as our partner in China, their values as a company are outstanding, their efforts and abilities are exceptional, they are truly top-notch.”

Daniel Prevost  Executive Director - Operations