CTS Group

Sales & Marketing

CTS is a leading global solutions provider in the storage tank industry. They specialize in storage tank seals, and floating roofs (IFR, EFR).


When CNPC, the Chinese state-owned oil and gas company, started undergoing their emissions control transition, there was a mandate to upgrade tanks. More than 1,000 tanks were required across several regions to meet emissions standards.


TAK partnered with CTS in 2016 and brought their tank seal experts to CNPC for technical exchange and site assessment. This project included a pilot install and a performance-based rollout agreement.


Our role with CTS was to facilitate timely and reliable sales support. We played a pivotal role in bridging cultural gaps and helping address the differences in technical standards. The Chinese marketplace has unique industrial practices that we helped interpret for pre-sales and negotiation phases. Our joint effort created an initial project and a three-year rollout renewal after the initial success.