There are many advantages to partnering with Asian production. It allows your business to ride out the highs and lows of the economy without over-investing internally. The capacity of Chinese countries can meet aggressive timelines. The cost of materials and labour is a fraction of domestic companies.


With all that in mind, many people are rightfully hesitant to outsource. Many companies have heard negative stories, or experienced failed projects first hand. When we talk with companies for the first time, we hear the same questions:


  • How do we communicate with a foreign company?
  • What assurance is there the product will be done on time?
  • Who is our point of contact during the project?
  • Will production meet our quality requirements?
  • Will delivery be an issue?


The answer to these questions is experience. TAK is a leader in Chinese sourcing and we have a proven track record of partnering with the right production company.


  • We speak the language
  • We evaluate every company’s capacity for production through our pre-designed evaluation reports
  • We operate as your representative and we are always available
  • We have in-house technical experts to provide quality assurance


Why is this so important?

How you arrange your project with an Asian country has significant legal and financial consequences. A conversation with our team will help you quickly understand whether your project is feasible, and if it is profitable. We measure our success by your success, so we operate in complete transparency if we feel your project makes sense.


How we support your business:


Finding the right production source is critical, and our experience with major projects has turned this into a science we excel...

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The TAK Purchasing Team is seasoned and insightful, working hard to identify opportunities for savings and quality that you will be confident...

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Quality Control

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