Sales & Marketing


We have a keen understanding of Chinese culture and business practices. We maintain facilities in China, as well as a dedicated staff who know what does and doesn't work in the Chinese market. We effectively bridge the cultural divide between North America and China to help our clients grow their sales in China year after year.

Our guiding principal is a commitment to representing your company — and its values — as if it were our own. We enter into fully transparent partnerships, and offer strict non-compete terms. By always aligning our interests with those of our clients, we create a shared incentive to succeed by growing sales healthily, and consistently.

We have decades of experience working through all of the details; managing currency exchanges, preparing taxes, and avoiding legal complications. Our team and management structure are already in place, and we're able to quickly adapt to meet the growing demands of our clients.

We have a history of success. We have maintained relationships with some of our clients for decades, helping them to adjust their marketing message to resonate with the Chinese culture, and continually grow sales year after year. Our longstanding partnership with Millar Western has led to nearly 50% of their pulp being sold in China.

We invest in training programs to keep our salespeople up to date with our clients' products and services. We establish yearly sales plans, and keep our clients up-to-date on our progress with scheduled sales reports.

In addition to providing translation services for you existing materials, our staff are proficient at developing brochures and websites with a focus on the Chinese market.