About Us

We specialize in helping companies with their sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and marketing efforts in China. Since 1986, our exclusive, integrated relationships with our clients have laid the groundwork for successful ventures that have lasted for decades.


We are a full-service company with a dedicated presence in both China and Canada. Our executive staff operate out of Edmonton, Alberta. We maintain close contact with all of our clients, creating valued relationships, and providing the accountability and trust that comes from meeting face-to-face. Our team makes frequent trips to China to ensure the quality and stability of our Chinese operations.

Our China office is located in Tianjin — a Chinese manufacturing hub. We maintain a dedicated, full-time staff for our engineering, logistics, sales, procurement, and finance teams.


Executive Team

Brian Trendel
President & CEO

Brian is a TAK founder, and is still very involved in our day-to-day operations. He works directly with our clients, helping them evolve their China strategies, as well as managing the long-term objectives of TAK.

In the early 70's, he was responsible for the expansion of Westlund Industrial Supply across Canada. This experience laid the foundation for our China initiative which began in 1986 and continues today.


Wang Ke
VP and Partner

Also a TAK founder, Wang Ke is instrumental in managing our China efforts. In addition to overseeing our China office, and developing TAK's business strategies, Wang Ke works alongside Brian providing our clients with invaluable insight into successfully operating in China.

Wang Ke has been helping major Canadian and U.S. companies with their Chinese sourcing, marketing, technological, and training initiatives since 1981.


Craig Trendel
VP Imports

Craig is heavily involved in our sourcing and procurement activities. He works hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their businesses at a strategic level, and apply his project management experience in order to ensure the successful execution of complex projects.

Craig earned his Professional Engineer Certification working with Stantec, and also holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. 


Harrison Wang
Business Development Manager

Born in China and raised in Canada, Harrison has a foot in both worlds, allowing him to transition seamlessly between the two. Harrison uses his experience to identify Canadian companies who's businesses would benefit from expanding into China, and to help them through the transition.

Harrison holds a BA in Economics, and an MBA. Prior to joining TAK, Harrison worked with Matrikon and Honeywell, selling advanced technology into the Chinese market.


Kerri Trendel-Cameron
HR Manager

Kerri is focussed on staff education and performance. Her efforts help encourage high-quality product delivery, and top-notch service provision — exceeding our clients' expectations.

Kerri joined TAK on a part-time basis in 2013. Prior to that, she spent over 10 years working in vocational rehabilitation. Her experience has proven to be invaluable to our Chinese and Canadian staff.


Frances Jones

Fran uses her skills and experience to ensure we have the financial information and analysis necessary to support our continuous growth and improvement.

A CMA with over 25 years experience, Fran's sensible approach and creative problem-solving are essential to helping us identify opportunities and resolve issues.  


Brenda Trendel 
Founding partner

Brenda is a founding shareholder of TAK, providing administrative support while managing our financial affairs. Over the years, her contributions to our staff, customers, banks, and clients have been invaluable.

While she is no longer active in our day-to-day operations, her perspective remains key to the company's direction.