TAK International

We assemble the Chinese puzzle, guiding successful business through transparency, trust and over 30 years of experience in China.

Sales and Marketing

China is an exciting and fast-growing marketplace, and we have a proven record of driving success with North American products.


Finding the right production source is critical, and our experience with major projects has turned this into a science we excel at.

Quality Control

We have a reputation for excelling in quality control, and we leverage our own QA Team to ensure products meet the quality you depend on.


Our strength is the diversity of our in-house team, and our professional engineers are our foundation of creating great products.


Outsourcing is about a formula of specifications, cost and timelines, and we know the best manufacturers in China to fit the formula.


Whether it’s inland or overseas, we know the importance of on time delivery combined with the best possible rates.


We are proficient at international trade and the knowledge required when working across borders and with foreign currencies.


The TAK Purchasing Team is seasoned and insightful, working hard to identify opportunities for savings and quality that you will be confident in.


Experience has ingrained in us a true understanding of Chinese culture and law, two essential components when forming international contracts.

Case Studies

Our reputation has grown primarily through word of mouth and the positive stories our partners have shared. We take pride in having built such strong relationships, and it starts with our vision of finding success as a team.

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