TAK International

We help our partners identify all of the pieces necessary to solve the China puzzle, bringing transparency, trust, and reliability to the opaque China market.

Case Studies

Tolko Industries
We operate in China as Tolko's sales and marketing team, helping to rapidly grow their Chinese lumber exports.


Flexpipe System
We manufacture and provide quality assurance controls for Flexpipe's highly engineered pipeline fittings.

Integrated Protective Coatings
We partnered with IPC in a joint venture to build and operate manufacturing facilities in China.

Millar Western Forest Products
We help Millar Western sell and market their “Crystal” pulp in China, continually growing a massive new market.

Keymay Industries
We provide Keymay manufacturing, engineering, and quality assurance capabilities across a number of projects.

China Banknote Nanjing Mint
We facilitated a technical exchange between China Banknote Nanjing Mint and the Westaim Corporation.




Health and safety, supply chain management, finances, taxes, customs — sourcing from China is a daunting task. We use our decades of experience to help our partners navigate the complexities, and we do it with complete transparency into the process. 

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Sales and Marketing

We act as an extension of your company, carrying your business cards, and representing your brand. Daily sales reports are issued; yearly business plans are developed. We arrange contracts and payments to minimize risks. We put you in a position to manage the territory while we operate in it.

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Technology Initiatives

We've worked with many companies to safely and effectively bring their technologies to the Chinese market. Whether it's hardware, software, tools, or training, we're continually looking for opportunities to help our clients expand into the Chinese market.

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Why choose TAK?

With nearly 30 years of experience in Asia, we are professionals with a record of success. Our commitment to transparency, and policy of exclusivity allow us to operate effectively as an extension of your company. By aligning our interests with those of our partners, we ensure long-term, successful relationships.

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